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Billing Issues (Please check the box if applicable)

Please visit Frequently Asked Billing Questions before answering the questions below.

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Hosted PBX Troubleshooting (Please check the box if applicable)

To test the speed and quality of your VoIP, please visit our VoIP Quality Test.

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Please reset my Voicemail password Yes     No
My Phone is out of service Yes     No
Are you unable to make a phone call? Yes     No
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Are people unable to call you? Yes     No
Do you experience poor quality ? Yes     No



Callback Troubleshooting (Please check the box if applicable)

Please review our Callback Trouble Shooting Guide before completing this questionnaire.

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Calling Card Troubleshooting (Please check the box if applicable)

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Unable to call a country/poor voice quality (Please check the box if applicable)

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Fast Busy?Yes    No  
Dead Air? Yes    No  
Noise on Line? Yes    No  
Low Volume? Yes    No  
One Way Audio? Yes    No  
Fax Transmission Error? Yes    No  




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