Why pay cellular carrier rates for your international calls? Simply register your phone with the original Gphone service and save up to 75% on international calls. Get 60 FREE MINUTES when you register!*

International Calling From Your Mobile Phone at unbeatable prices. Call friends, family and colleagues around the world directly from your mobile phone for as low as 2.1 cents per minute. To view super low international phone rates click here.

World Wide Access Numbers
Toll Free and Local access numbers are available in over eighty countries. When you travel you will always have access to our low international rates. Unlike Skype or Vonage, internet service is not required.

No Connect Charges or Monthly Fees

Signing up online for GlobalMobile is easy. Once you're signed up, you won't experience monthly fees, connect charges or hidden fees. Just pay for the calls you make at the end of each month.

What is Gphone Service?

Gphone offers a separate add-on service to your existing wireless plan that provides international calls at lower rates than your cellular provider. Since it works as a separate service from your existing wireless plan - there are NO phone numbers to change, NO contracts to sign, and NO long-term commitments! The same rates apply 24 hours, 7days a week.

How Gphone Works

Once you sign up and register your phone number, simply place a call to the Gphone U.S. access number, and your cell phone is automatically recognized. From there, you are free to dial any phone number in the world, at up to 75% savings. There are no PINs to remember. It’s that easy! Unlike Skype, no internet service is required to make a call. Your account comes with international callback service so you can make calls from any country in the world. When calling from other countries, you may be prompted for your account code.**

The “No-Hassle” Solution for International Calling From Your Mobile Phone

Sign up is FREE and there are NO monthly fees, NO connect or hidden charges, NO contracts to sign, and NO long-term commitments - you pay only for what you use! GlobalMobile allows convenient credit card billing at the end of the month, and you can access your billing statement and calling details online.

* The “60 Free Minutes” promotion is valid for new Gphone account activations only. The 60 minutes of free usage is valid during the calendar month of account activation only and cannot be used thereafter. The 60 minutes of free usage is based on an international retail rate of 2.1 cents per minute; actual calling minutes to countries with higher retail rates may result in fewer minutes of usage.

** International access numbers may not provide Automatic Number Identification so you may need to enter your phone number for authentication. Your wireless carrier may assess roaming or long-distance charges when calling the local US access number (area code 703). Please check your wireless plan details. Toll-free access numbers are available in the US and worldwide.


GlobalPhone has provided continuous service since 1995

Per Minute Rates

Argentina $0.024

Australia $0.027

Brazil $0.048

China $0.027

France $0.034

Germany $0.027

India $0.038

Mexico $0.028

Russia $0.030

Vietnam $0.048


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