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Desktop Fax to Email Service

GlobalPhone's fax to email service offering is a reliable IP fax solution with very attractive rates and features. Users can access the service through a simple and easy to use Web browser. Online fax allows individuals to reduce their business costs and increase their productivity. Instead of using a fax machine you can send and receive faxes using your computer and your favorite email client. Most popular email client software can be used such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Integration of desktop fax with these email clients is seamless and transparent to end users, with no additional software or hardware required.

To send a fax, our service converts your email attachments into fax documents and delivers them to the recipient’s fax machine. To receive a fax, the sender faxes the document to your personal fax number where it is converted into an email attachment and delivered to your email inbox.

Receiving an Online Fax (fax to email address)

When someone sends you a fax to your fax-to-email number, the fax gets converted to a PDF or TIFF image (fax to email) and the image is sent as an attachment to your email inbox. Like any other email attachment, simply double-click on it to view the online fax. And, because the fax is now an electronic document you can read it, print it, forward it like an email, store it in your computer or delete it.

Sending an Online Fax (email to fax machine)

Simply use the same process as sending an email with an attachment. In the 'To' field, enter the destination fax number(s), followed by the extension. If you want to include a note or a cover page with your fax, simply type your message in the body of your email. This can even be the fax itself, without attaching an additional document. If you are faxing a document that you have attached, but do not want any additional messages, simply leave the subject and body blank. For faxing electronic documents or files, simply attach the document to your email message. When you hit send, your online fax leaves your mailbox just like an email message. That email message goes to, where it's processed. The processing includes identifying attachment types included in the email, processing the attachments through the appropriate translator and rasterizing attached documents to a fax compatible graphic image. When processing completes, platform dials the recipient's fax number and transmits the fax to their fax machine. It's Easy!

Applications for using online faxing:

  • Sending invoices and statements to customers electronically – helping them to reduce delays and get paid faster
  • Improving claims processing efficiency by capturing and sending documents electronically –making it easier to serve customers and manage paperwork
  • Managing and sending reports, contracts and other time-sensitive business documents via email–whether at the office, or on-the-go
  • Receiving applications for loans, credit and other applications–enabling them to respond to new customers faster and to grow their businesses
  • Confirming and documenting receipt of information–important for compliance with Federal and State regulations

Features of GlobalPhone’s online fax services:

  • A Local or Toll-Free Telephone Number
  • Option to Port Over Existing Fax Number
  • 24/7 Tier 1 Customer Support
  • Pages Allocated However You Choose - Inbound and/or Outbound
  • Privacy – Faxes Received in Personal Email Inbox
  • Electronic Filing System for Faxes
  • Schedule Delivery - Send Fax Now or Set for Later Time/Date
  • 30-Day Archive System
  • Caller ID
  • Spam Blocker
  • Always On, Even When Email is Off
  • Broadcast to Multiple Recipients
  • Send Multiple Documents at Once
  • Works with Any Fax Machine Globally
  • Add Cover Page. Personalize as Desired
  • Online Account Management
  • Delivery Confirmation

Rates - $12.50 per month. GlobalFax service includes:

  • A Toll-Free or Local Telephone Number – Toll-Free is the default
  • Option to Port Over Existing Fax Number
  • 24/7 Tier 1Customer Support
  • 350 inbound and outbound pages per month
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