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GlobalTelco Partner Program

Wholesale Reseller Partnership Program

GlobalPhone offers wholesale partners the opportunity to run their own phone companies in order to capitalize on their preferred niche markets. Wholesale agents buy long-distance phone time at deeply discounted wholesale prices and are given complete control over their services without the massive investment in plant and equipment, carrier relationships, software and technical expertise required to maintain a world-class switching operation.

The GlobalTelco agent program is distinguished by our innovative Internet-driven technology that gives agents the ability to provision accounts, provide customer service, set retail rates, download call
records and produce private label invoices. GlobalPhone offers a turnkey, “Virtual Telco” domain with access to all of its software and services. We allow you to establish your own brand name, with lasting
market value.

GlobalTelco partners may sell most GlobalPhone services on a private label basis, including:

   • GlobalPrepaid calling cards
   • GlobalPostpaid calling cards
   • GlobalCallback international callback services
   • GlobalTollfree international ITFS/UIFN access numbers

Virtual Telco” switch access is performed via the Internet using GlobalPhone's IPAgent software. IPAgent allows agents to access and edit all customer accounts and configure services, download billing
records, establish retail rates, and view call records real time using any Internet connection.

Retail rates are established by the GlobalTelco partner. The partner has the freedom to determine profit margins based on market tolerance and selling strategy. Retail rates can be set in various increments – six seconds, one minute, three minutes, and can be time of day sensitive. GlobalPhone’s prepaid card software contains an extensive array of pricing options for bong charges and fees.

Wholesale rates are established by GlobalPhone. We maintain several grades of service and rates vary depending on the quality of carrier routing selected. Total customer usage is automatically restricted by
the agent's credit limit, which is established by a deposit or letter of credit. GlobalPhone invoices its agents at the end of each month for total wholesale usage. Wholesale billing is performed in six-second

Billing services are provided in various formats. Agents have online access to all their retail and wholesale billing records. We generate private label bills and deliver them to the agent or directly to your customer via email using your return email address. We also offer a billing program written in Microsoft Access program for local production of bills.

Please note that GlobalTelco Partners must meet the GlobalPhone Partner Requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a GlobalTelco partner, please contact GlobalPhone today!



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