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GlobalAgent Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I sell?

Services you may sell include GlobalPrepaid and GlobalPostpaid phone cards, GlobalCallback service, and GlobalMobile international long distance for wireless phones.

How long does it take to get set up?

Your website will automatically work as soon as you register on-line

Do I have to buy anything to join?

There is no cost to join, and no products or sales kits that must be purchased. We recommend that you use the products you sell to become familiar with them. You are responsible any direct marketing expenses that you may incur, like advertising and printing costs.

Are there any sales quotas?

No. However, the amount you earn is in direct proportion to the skill and effort you put into marketing the services.

Do I have to collect money or do customer support?

No. Globalphone handles all payment and collections and provides 24 hour customer service.

How will I know if my website has any signups?

GlobalPhone provides an agent portal on your website. You may log into it and view web hit, signup, sales and commission statistics.

Do I have to live in the USA to sell GlobalPhone services?

No. Our resellers span the globe selling international callback and calling card services.

Can I modify on the website to make it fit my marketing requirements?

Once you have registered, you may log into your agent portal and change the logo, header, footer and display name on the home page. Additional modifications require consultation with our sales team. Use the "Request More Info" or the "Call Me Now" features above to request a consultation.

Can I private label this program?

Your website may be customized to minimize GlobalPhone’s appearance, however, because we do the billing and are responsible for customer service, we identify ourselves as the underlying carrier. For more information on private label programs, please visit the partner pages.




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