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GlobalAffinity Partner Program

Private Label Solutions for Corporations and Associations.

All GlobalPhone services can be provided on a private label basis or for use in fundraising promotions. GlobalPhone offers the opportunity to private label our GlobalPostpaid and GlobalPrepaid calling cards.

For affinity-based marketing groups, major corporations and service organizations, GlobalPhone can produce customized calling cards. This enables your organization to place an image or design on the card to maximize awareness in your target market and create a lasting impression. We can even program custom prompts and messages to get your message across.

Fundraising Programs

GlobalPhone services are great for use in fundraising or "affinity" based marketing programs. Your organization helps get the word out about our services and GlobalPhone will provide your organization with a percentage of the revenues.

Your organization benefits in two ways:

  • Your organization receives proceeds or commissions from the billable revenue of its membership
  • Your organization is now able to provide a valued long distance service to its membership at discount rates – a service that everyone needs and uses

Private-label Prepaid Phone Cards

Private label prepaid calling cards can come in any increments - $5, $20, $50, $100, etc. They are great as gifts and promotional items, for resale in stores, or as mini-advertising billboards. We can print private label calling cards and customize your own prompts.

For more information on the GlobalAffinity program and how your organization can benefit, contact GlobalPhone today!



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