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GlobalTone Hosted PBX Reseller Program Terms and Conditions

GlobaTone Hosted PBX Reseller Program Overview

At GlobalPhone, our reseller Partners are essential to our business mission and our ability to serve business customers. We recognize the special relationships that resellers have with their customers. Hosted PBX resellers include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), PBX and cable installation companies, IT consultants and telecom sales agents.

In order to achieve our mission of becoming the leading provider of hosted PBX communications to the business market, we have put together a comprehensive program designed to enable our reseller Partners to be as productive and successful as possible. We believe that building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships are a key ingredient to customer satisfaction, increased sales and profitability.

Hosted PBX Reseller Partners:

GlobalPhone's Hosted PBX reseller program is a referral program that pays 10% of the recurring monthly revenue of the companies that you refer to GlobalPhone. Commissions are payable as long as the customer uses the service and subject to minimum yearly sales requirements. It is flexible enough to accommodate any level of commitment or training in selling Hosted PBX services. Hosted PBX resellers may simply provide our sales force with a name and phone number, or they may be actively involved in presenting the sales solution, requiring training and technical knowledge. GlobalPhone offers a number of resources to help their partners provide solutions to their customers in as efficient and profitable way as possible.

Reseller Resources:

The following resources are available to our Reseller Partners:

  • Hosted IP PBX, IPTrunking and Related Products - Reseller Partners are able to resell a robust suite of hosted IP communications solutions for the business market including hosted IP PBX, IPTrunking, Toll Free, International Long Distance, and a full range of ala carte services.

  • Training – All Hosted PBX reseller Partners may participate in product, sales, and technical training related to GlobalPhone hosted PBX communications solutions and SIP trunking.

  • Installation – Hosted PBX installation is performed by GlobalPhone personnel, including switch and phone number provisioning, device programming and remote installation support.

  • Network Operations Center (NOC) 24 x 7 Support Services - The GlobalPhone NOC provides 24 x 7 Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support to all of our partners related to GlobalPhone Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk services.

  • Billing/OSS - Globalphone provides all billing and settlement for hosted IP communications services, and domestic and international long distance calling. Commissions are automatically paid via check or credit card based on the monthly paid revenue to our reseller partners.

  • Sales and Marketing Support - GlobalPhone offers Partners the ability to co-brand and obtain collateral, advertisements and online marketing campaigns that support their sales and marketing efforts. Standard literature and marketing pieces are freely available for all Partner levels in PDF and Word document formats. GlobalPhone focuses on a "team selling approach." This is based on the assumption that "solution sales", multi-site, and national account opportunities may require a level of sales and technical support expertise that would require involvement from the GlobalPhone sales and sales engineering team and, when necessary, our Executive team. GlobalPhone assists in customer presentations and pilot installations and works with reseller Partners on strategic projects with special pricing requirements.

  • Demo Equipment - GlobalPhone recommends, but does not require, that reseller Partners utilize GlobalPhone Hosted PBX communications solutions in their office for easy demonstration to their current and prospective customers. Partners receive a 10% discount off their monthly invoice on eligible IP PBX and IP Trunking.

  • Partner Notifications - GlobalPhone Partners receive targeted Partner Notifications to support sales and support efforts to help increase sales and profitability. Regular emails, Webinars and online teleconferences provide a timely and appropriate mechanism to inform Partners about product releases, equipment certifications, special promotions, sales support, marketing programs and technology updates.

  • Logo Usage - Using the GlobalPhone logo brings GlobalPhone Partners a powerful branding to use in advertising and promotional material. GlobalPhone Partners are able to differentiate themselves by advertising in conjunction with the Hosted PBXIP solutions network company.

  • Public Relations Support - Effective joint Public Relations (PR) can help differentiate Partners in a way that provides true competitive advantage. The GlobalPhone team works with Partners to develop and distribute joint press releases to national, trade, business, channel and vertical publications or other media outlets as appropriate. We also work with Partners in the creation of case studies, testimonials, whitepapers and other projects that help communicate the benefits of GlobalPhone Hosted PBX solutions in the business market. When required, GlobalPhone will provide speakers for training, seminars and other marketing events.