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Softphone Guide

Install Your New Softphone

The Eyebeam professional softphone costs $35. To order a license, ask your administrator or visit the Order More page. Your license key, along with installation credentials such as username and password, will be emailed to you.

Download the Windows-based Softphone by clicking here. When you see a dialogue box asking "Do you want to run or save this file", select Save, which will present you with a "Save as" dialogue box. The softphone will then download onto your PC in Zip format. You can find the softphone on your desktop, or in whichever location you selected from the "Save As" dialogue box. Please note that you need WinZip or a similar program to unzip the contents of the Zip file.

Install & Configure Your Headset

Please install your headset following the instructions in the original packaging. Once the headset is installed, please perform the following voice recording test to verify that the headset is functioning properly:

  1. Click [start]
  2. Click [all programs]
  3. Click [accessories]
  4. Click [entertainment]
  5. Click [sound recorder]
  6. Click the record button to start recording your voice.
  7. Click the stop button when you wish to stop recording.
  8. Click the play button to listen to your recording.
  9. If you hear your recorded voice, your headset is functioning properly and will work with your new Softphone.


  • Your Softphone will not work properly without a correctly installed corded headset.

  • The Softphone uses your Windows PC's sound capability, which should be tested prior to using your Softphone.

  • Some corded headsets may have a manual volume control and mute button in the cord; if this is the case, make sure that the volume level is set to maximum and the mute button is not pressed before using the headset.

Download EyeBeam Softphone

Before calling support, please make sure that:

• You have downloaded and installed a licensed copy of the softphone. Free X-Lite versions are not supported.

• You have your software license key ready

• You have your username, password, and any other credentials that were
emailed to you

• Your headset is plugged in

• Your computer is turned on

• You have WinZip or another such program installed

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