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GlobalPhone - Dialing Instructions

GlobalPostpaid, GlobalPrepaid, GlobalCorporate, GlobalAffinity, or GlobalRetail Calling Cards

You may make phone calls from any phone in the U.S. and in over eighty other countries by following these steps:

  • If calling from within the Washington, DC area, or from a cell phone that includes free long distance, dial: 703-852-2111
    If calling from outside the Washington, DC Metro area, dial: 1-800-705-3304
    If calling from outside the U.S., use the GlobalPhone access number for that country. You can get a listing of access numbers by logging into “ My Account ”.
  • Dial your 10-digit account number. This number is likely printed on the back of your calling card. If no number is printed on your card, your account number is likely your 10-digit home phone number.
  • If prompted, dial your 4-digit security PIN code.
  • Dial the destination number.
    To call the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean, dial: 1 + (3-digit Area Code) + (7-digit Phone Number)
    To call anywhere else in the world, dial: (Country Code) + (City Code) + (Phone Number)

GlobalCallback – Placing Callback Calls Using Your Trigger Number

Make sure you have direct dial service on your line and that you are using a touch-tone phone. Please follow these steps when making an international call using GlobalCallback:

  • Dial your U.S. trigger number. This trigger number is your unique access number that is used to initiate a callback. Your trigger number is a ten-digit number in the form 703-XXX-XXXX. When dialing your trigger number from outside the U.S., be sure to include the country code (e.g. +1-703-XXX-XXXX). By dialing you trigger number, the GlobalPhone switch will initiate a call to your callback number on record.
  • After dialing your trigger number, hang up after one ring. Do not let the line ring more than three times; otherwise the GlobalPhone switch will not call you back.
  • GlobalPhone’s switch will call you back within a few seconds. Answer the call and you will hear a voice prompt "Welcome, please enter the phone number you wish to dial…”
    To call the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean, dial: 1 + (3-digit Area Code) + (7-digit Phone Number)
    To call anywhere else in the world, dial: (Country Code) + (City Code) + (Phone Number)
  • To make another call, without hanging up, press the pound key (#) twice. You will hear the voice prompt again. Now dial the next number you want to call. You can make unlimited sequential calls this way.
  • When finished making your callback calls, dial the star key (*) twice to terminate your session. Please remember this step before hanging up your phone.
  • For security reasons all accounts have a set monthly usage limit. If you should receive the prompt: "You have exceeded your limit" and want your limit to be raised, please contact GlobalPhone Customer Support .

For more details on how to use your GlobalCallback account enhanced features, or to view a list of alternative triggering techniques (web, email, SMS, ANI), please visit the Callback Guide