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GlobalPhone Launches GlobalTone IP Centrex Service

Hosted Voice Over IP Solution Provides Lower Costs For Businesses

For Immediate Release, August 2, 2004 (Falls Church, Virginia) - GlobalPhone Corporation, a facilities-based global telecommunications supplier, announces the launch of GlobalTone, a hosted IP voice solution that enables business users to replace their traditional key system or PBX with a more scalable, cost-effective telecom service based on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Hosted IP voice services, also called IP Centrex, allow businesses to replace their current phone systems in each office location with a single, centralized "virtual PBX" using VOIP technology. By transforming traditional voice calls into data packets that are transmitted over the Internet, businesses are able to bypass the traditional public telephone network to make free on-net telephone calls between offices anywhere in the country. Hosted IP voice services are perfect for small and medium-sized enterprises up to 1,000 employees, especially for companies who have remote offices or telecommuters who work from home.

"VOIP technology is enabling business customers to save money and also get new value-added features" said Guy Jazynka, Chief Operating Officer of GlobalPhone. "GlobalTone can save businesses thousands of dollars per year on their telecom costs, and because there is no PBX to buy, there is little technology risk."

GlobalTone uses the latest advancements in VOIP technology to deliver robust, reliable quality of service to its business customers. In addition to traditional telephony features such as voicemail, 4-digit dialing, and automated attendant, GlobalTone also offers a host of features that increase employee productivity. GlobalTone includes a web-based personal communications manager that gives the user access to incoming and outgoing call logs, contact lists, "click-to-dial" capabilities, Microsoft Outlook contact integration, and find-me / follow-me services that can route calls to any other phone such as a mobile phone or home number.

GlobalTone is ideal for companies who are looking at replacing their existing phone system with a cheaper, flexible, more scalable solution. Since there is no PBX equipment to purchase or maintain, GlobalTone service can save a business up to 50% compared purchasing to a new phone system. Also, because GlobalTone service runs over a company's existing Internet connection, separate voice and data lines or leased lines between offices are not required. Factor in free local and on-net calling, lower maintenance costs, and simplified moves, adds and changes, and GlobalTone results in monthly savings of up to 40% compared to traditional telecom service.

GlobalPhone's customers also agree. "We chose GlobalTone for all the new features and also to save money," said Rob Messer, President of IntelliSurvey, an online market research company based in Southern California. "We can have free calling between our three offices in California and Kentucky, and additional conveniences for our employees when they are out of the office." Messer likes the technology so much that he is thinking of integrating it into IntelliSurvey's market research products. "There's no question that VOIP is the wave of the future," he continued.

GlobalTone service includes free local and on-net calling, web-based personal communications manager, united messaging, voice and web conferencing, remote calling and Microsoft Outlook integration. Service packages start as low as $20 per user per month. For more details about GlobalTone, please visit

About GlobalPhone Corporation

GlobalPhone is a facilities-based Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensed carrier headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. Established in 1995, GlobalPhone is a privately held, debt-free corporation with a worldwide customer base of over 600,000 end users and a network of over 300 business partners in over 130 countries. GlobalPhone is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative services to the international telecommunications market. We build enduring relationships with our partners and customers by providing a creative approach to enabling technology, and by offering outstanding customer service at competitive rates.

About IntelliSurvey Incorporated

IntelliSurvey is a leading provider of online research technology and services. IntelliSurvey is a privately-held California corporation whose mission is to help organizations make better business decisions by gathering intelligence from their customers, members, and prospects. Intellisurvey offers market-leading services such as web-based surveys, email list management, and online reporting and analysis tools through software licensing agreements or through an ASP model. Our clients are leading research firms and in-house researchers, and we have powered surveys for over 20% of the Fortune 100, as well as leading syndicated research firms and membership organizations. For more information, please visit