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GlobalPhone Press Coverage

Humanize Your Website

July 1999

Congratulations, you have a corporate Web site, but now the fruits of your labor have brought the unexpected: more inquiries than you can handle. Self-service options are wonderful, but there are still millions of online browsers who do not have the technical know-how to negotiate through often confusing topographies of Web sites. If these people are going to stay on your site and make a purchase, they need human help and they need it now, before they fly off through cyber space looking for someone who can help them with what they need. The human interaction will not only help these lost souls find where they are going, but it presents a perfect opportunity for the agent in your call center to capitalize on the good feeling of being helped personally to not only increase customer retention, but to offer the customers an upsell or cross-sell. In this roundup we have highlighted companies that provide the following products to help humanize your Web site:

A - Call-Me Buttons - these offer the cyber browser a button to click on to schedule a callback from an agent;

B - Text Chat - these products offer the chance to initiate a text chat session with an agent while the customer is still on your Web page;

C - E-mail Management/Automatic Response Systems - these help you control the overwhelming flood of e-mail in an orderly fashion and can offer autoreply e-mail based on the content of the incoming e-mail or offer suggested replies to the agent;

D -Web Self-Service Solutions - offer the online customer the tools and knowledgebase access to find answers to their own questions without human intervention;

E - Screen Synchronization/Push Technology - gives the agent the ability to see where the customer is on the company Web site and send pages to the customer, in other words, the agent and the customer are on the same page;

F - Web Callthrough - provides the technology through Internet telephony or voice over Internet Protocol to allow the agent to speak with the customer through multimedia PCs while the customer is still online;

G - Data-Wake/Clickstream Analysis - presents the agent with a record of where on the corporate Web site the customer has been and can also be used for analysis for later fine-tuning of Web pages and marketing campaigns.