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Receptionist Console Feature
The Broadsoft miRECEPTION® Console allows businesses and multi-site enterprises with hosted PBX receptionist requirements to experience a whole new level of control. miRECEPTION® is a carrier class IP Telephony hoted PBX attendant console for use by “front-of-house” receptionists, or PBX telephone attendants, who screen inbound calls for enterprises.

miRECEPTION realizes the promise of IP Telephony by enhancing business processes and delivering rich services in a personalized way. To date IP Telephony’s primary focus has been the better use of enterprise information and more efficient use of valuable communications resources. Unfortunately, in terms of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) the design and feel of the User Interface has not been a priority. In nearly all cases design has replicated the traditional PBX hardware console, leaving the user with the same complex keypad and buttons to execute what should be simple processes. Thus the true potential of IP PBX Telephony has not yet been realized - until now.

Receptionist Console for Hosted PBX click to enlarge

With miRECEPTION, Broadsoft has adopted a unique design approach whereby the hosted PBX receptionist experience is the primary focus. This delivers the following real benefits to users:

  • An elegant design that is user friendly and pleasing to the eye.
  • Runs on a PC platform and allows unlimited hosted PBX phones to be monitored.
  • Multiple users in different locations can sign in and sign out as the hosted PBX receptionist.
  • An ergonomic design that follows the natural work “flow” of a call from the top to the bottom of the screen.
  • Improved business processes as only “valid” options are presented to the hosted PBX attendant.
  • Professional call handling as critical information is available in “real time”.
  • Accurate delivery of messages via a one step process when people are unavailable.

The Receptionist console is pricing in 8 user, 30 user and unlimited user increments. For more information please review our Brochure and Software Demonstration

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