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Increased PBX Phone System Productivity at Headquarters

  • With GlobalTone's PBX auto-attendant, there is no need for a PBX receptionist to route calls throughout the company
  • Microsoft Outlook integration speeds up end user tasks
  • Many point-and-click PBX call management features to make communication more efficient

Increased Mobile Employee Productivity

  • Mobile employees can stay connected ito the Hosted PBX as if they were still at their desk
  • "Find me / Follow me" features allow callers to get through to their contact regardless of where they are
  • Mobile employees can distribute a single PBX phone number to all potential callers - the right callers will always reach them.
  • Mobile employees can call from remote locations but display their office PBX name and number

Increased Teleworker Productivity

  • Connect to the same PBX phone system as headquarters and use the same features
  • Forward voicemails back to corporate
  • Protect teleworker privacy by sending calls with their business PBX caller ID
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