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Call Recording With a Comprehensive Portfolio of Hosted Services

As customer service and inside sales requirements grow, call centers and transaction services organizations are increasingly required to provide 24x7 "follow the sun" facilities, creating a globally accessible sales and service function. Recording these client interactions is crucial to improving the quality of client services and ensuring regulatory compliance.

It is not cost effective, however, to purchase interaction recording services at each location where agents are staffed. In response to demands from such call centers, GlobalPhone has added four recording products to its product portfolio:

All of these products are offered as completely hosted services, eliminating the capital expenditures and cash flow challenges posed by traditional recording software and hardware, while enabling centralized, secure, and web-accessible storage facilities.

How does the customer access the recordings?

As part of the enrollment process, GlobalPhone provides the customer authorization and login information. The customer goes to the GlobalTone secure recording website, and enters the login information. GlobalPhone provides a web interface used to search, annotate, and play recorded calls and monitor calls in progress. GlobalPhone also provides the option to configure parameters such as when to record calls or record calls based upon certain criteria such as the incoming or dialed number. The system retains recordings for a selectable period of time.

How do these products address market demand?

Frost & Sullivan reports that the $19.5 billion outsourced call center market is becoming increasingly global to provide economical 24x7 call center facilities to customers. However, clients find that over 23% of interactions do not meet their expectations. Quality suffers as call centers are outsourced. Managing the quality of interactions requires a comprehensive, consistent recording of the interaction. This quality is managed not only by the customer, but often by regulatory agencies to ensure legal and statutory compliance.

How is this service different from traditional recording solutions?

Traditional methods for recording calls involve purchasing expensive recording hardware, software, and storage equipment. Apart from the capital expense, there are the added operational expenditures related to maintenance and continual upgrades. With GlobalPhone's recording services, the customer is charged based upon usage, eliminating the up-front cash drain associated with traditional recording solutions. The customer is not responsible for maintenance, which eliminates operational expenditures.

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