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Call Center Operations

GlobalTone can be configured to support a 24x7 Call Center operation with multiple locations globally with real-time transferring, queuing, and monitoring.

  • Multiple Call Centers - Reach the caller's regional call center.
  • Distributed Call Center - Agents distributed and working from home or in small groups.
  • 24x7 Call Center - Route to different locations worldwide based on Time.

Enterprise Call Center Administration

Distribution Policies

  • Linear
  • Circular
  • Uniform
  • Simultaneous
  • No-answer hunt
  • Weighted Call Distribution

Supervisor Support

  • Monitor Agent States
  • Monitor Calls/Call Barging
  • Call Statistics/Reporting
  • Multiple Group Membership
  • Department Administration
  • Priority Alerting


The GlobalTone Call Center application delivers a comprehensive feature set and enables Service Providers to penetrate the underserved SMB market. Innovative features, not available in legacy systems, also extend the opportunity to serve the broader enterprise market, including mid-size and large companies. Call Center integration with the BroadWorks platform enables simplified service packaging and improved customer adoption. Intuitive user screens and lack of customer premises equipment will ensure rapid rollout and limited support costs for strong revenue and margin growth.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Call Distribution Policies – Incoming calls are handled according to the selected policy, which includes uniform call distribution, linear hunt group, circular hunt group, no-answer and simultaneous ringing.
  • Call Queuing – When all call center agents are busy, incoming calls can be queued until they can be presented to an available agent. Calls in queue are provided with an initial greeting, a periodic greeting, and audio on hold. All greetings and audio are configurable for each call center.
  • Queue Escape – Callers who are queued can press a key to be sent directly to the call center voice mailbox instead of waiting for an available agent.
  • Overflow – When a call center cannot accept any more calls, incoming calls can be forwarded to an overflow phone number.
  • Voice Mail – If there are no agents to handle an incoming call or the call goes unanswered for a specified amount of time, the call can be forwarded to a call center voice mailbox.
  • Night Service – Calls received after-hours or on non-business days can receive a service menu of options allowing a caller to leave a voice message or transfer to an emergency number.
  • Statistics Statistics are generated for each call center and each agent on a configurable period. The statistics are periodically reported to a configurable email address in CSV format and are viewable to the group administrator via the web portal.
  • Service Integration – Any BroadWorks personal service can be assigned to the call center phone number to customize the call center group. This includes services such as call forwarding, call notification, call screening, and voice messaging.
  • Queue Flushing – When all agents in the call center group logout, queued calls are automatically sent to the call center group voice mailbox.
  • Agent Login/Logoff – Agents can login and logout from the group so that calls are only presented to agents that are on duty.
  • Screen Pops – Incoming calls pop up on a web screen showing information associated with the incoming call. A group-specific URL is accessed for each call.

Statistical Analysis Capabilities

Call Center Statistics

Whether you need a large application or a smaller solution, the Call Center application enables effective call routing, handling and reporting options critical for today’s service-oriented businesses. For more details, please contact us.


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