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World Class VOIP Architecture and Redundancy

GlobalPhone’s network is comprised of world class equipment vendors and VOIP network carriers to ensure stable and reliable Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk service:

Broadsoft Hosted PBX
World Class Hosted PBX Communications Server Platform used by tier one carriers like ATT and Verizon. Up to 60,000 hosted pbx telephone endpoints may be serviced by one switch.
Level3 Hosted PBX
Provides the Network origination and termination for our Hosted PBX service over an SS7 network. Level3 provides phone numbers in 48 states. Level3 manages one of the largest data and VOIP voice networks in the US, with revenues in excess of $4 Billion.
AcmePacket SIP for Hosted PBX
Session Border Controllers providing SIP registration service to Hosted PBX VOIP phones and SIP Trunk VOIP Gateways and IP PBXs
Global Crossig Conference Calling for Hosted PBX
Conference calling for up to 2,000 participants and Desktop Sharing Services
Intrando 911 service for Hosted PBX
E911 Services for Hosted PBX and SIP trunks from the largest, most reputable 911 network provider in the US
MTS billing system for Hosted PBX
Hosted PBX Billing System
Edgeview Network Management System allows our Hosted PBX network operations center to have real view of our customers SIP telephones for diagnosis and troubleshooting
Directory Assistance & Operator Services for Hosted PBX
Directory Assistance & Operator Services for Hosted PBX and SIP trunk customers.

Redundant Network Architecture for PBX and SIP trunk customers

GlobalPhone's geographically load balanced architecture includes mirored hosted PBX server complexes in two major cities, providing real-time replication and failover. Each co-location facility has fully redundant hardware, power and internet facilities. In case of catastrophic downtime that destroys an entire Hosted PBX facility, i.e. due to flood, fire, hurricane, snow storm or terrorism, GlobalPhone’s Hosted PBX mirror site will pick up the load and ensure 99.99% availability of its VOIP service. GlobalPhone Hosted PBX service is ready to withstand natural and manmade disasters not available with standalone VOIP PBX phone systems.

Hosted-PBX-Network-Architecture click to enlarge

SIP Trunk and Hosted PBX Network Edge Equipment

GlobalPhone supports brand name products at customer facilities including four leading VOIP SIP telephone handset manufacturers. Close partnerships with these major vendors enables GlobalPhone to receive priority support, training and early access to product releases.

POLYCOM SIP Business Phones for Hosted PBX
VOIP SIP Business Phones
cisco SIP Business Phones for Hosted PBX
VOIP SIP Business Phones
LINKSYS SIP Business Phones for Hosted PBX
VOIP SIP Business Phones
ASTRA SIP Business Phones for Hosted PBX
VOIP SIP Business Phones
CounterPath SIP SoftPhones for Hosted PBX
VOIP SIP Softphones
QOS Router Firewalls SIP Trun Gateways for Hosted PBX
QOS VOIP Router Firewalls and SIP Trunk Gateways
Hosted PBX Service Availability
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